Life and travel part 2

It's been a while since my last post but I've just been so caught up being busy, which is probably no bad thing to be honest with you. Oh and I got a puppy. He's a little miniature dachshund named Pirlo and he's just the sweetest thing. I've never had a dog before but I'm not sure if it's just him ? but he's so incredibly cuddly which suits me just fine as I've always loved cuddling up to a cat in the past. He's literally catdog. Does anyone remember that show?

O.K so to continue with my last post, I definitely caught the travel bug from a young age. Whilst I did my first degree I dreamed of heading over to Europe as soon as I could. And as soon as I finished that's exactly what I did. I headed over to England and went to Spain, France, Belgium and Sweden. I fell in love with tapas and Gaudi in Barcelona, the grand architecture and absolute beauty that is Paris and Leon, the chocolate and flea market in Brussels and getting lost in Stockholm. It was in this trip ended up travelling on my own. Once you know you can do it there's nothing better than just venturing off and only having yourself to answer too. It was after this trip that I ended up living in London for a while, My advice to anyone thinking about it, well if you can live in London absolutely do it. The place is so lively and for me an unforgettable time.

Barcelona, 2018

Paris, 2011

After London I worked for Emirates as Cabin Crew where I got to see quite a bit of the world. I don't want to bore you so I'm going to try and pick a standout of 5 countries. Ahhh this is so hard.

1.China has to be in there for the Great Wall, such an incredible moment seeing how ridiculously big it is and then tobogganing down it to get to the bottom.

2. Russia. It's actually such a special place full of beautiful buildings and so much history.

3. New York. It's not a country but it may as well be. This play has so much diversity and every time I've visited I've felt like I've been in the set of a movie.

4. Japan. I just love everything about this place. The food the people, the culture and the clothes. From the cute streets in the city to the temples in Kyoto. Japan you have my heart!

5. Thailand. This last one was so hard. But although I found going through some parts of Thailand quite sad I do remember thinking the Islands in Phuket were so special and I'm not sure why but I love shopping in the markets in most Asian countries. I think because I'm quite small it makes me so happy when everything seems to fit !

Well there's a few pictures from some of my travels. I really could go on and on because I've not mentioned so many of my favourite places but hopefully I'll visit some of them again soon. I'd so love to go back to Japan for Cherry blossom season or go to Mexico to tick off a new destination.We'll see what time brings. X


  1. Glad you've decided to start posting again :) ! Have always been a fan of your posts ^-^


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