Monday, March 26, 2012

Spinning on that Dizzy Edge

Blouse : Romwe
Glasses: Topshop
Slip : Neuw
Bag : thrifted
Lita's : Free People

Oh goodness , I cannot describe how glorious the weather has been recently. 
There are also flowers everywhere , constantly amazing me with their beauty. 
Next week however I will be in the Autumn of Australia, I'm sure the weather won't be to bad there though. 
I'm also very much looking forward to catching up with my dearest friends there !

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swinging with the Old Stars

Shoes : Ebay
Bag : Thrifted 

I didn't realise until my sister pointed it out , but the star buttons on this dress and my moon choker are very complimentary. 
I've also returned from Morocco which is one of my favourite places I've been this far . 
It has to the the most beautifully decorated country, both naturally and man made. 
The food is also too good, oh my oh !
Hopefully I'll be able to put a few pictures up of my recent travels soon. 

Hope you enjoy the post ! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

British Legion

Union Jack Jumper : She Inside 
Glasses : Ebay 
Wedges : Singapore 

This jumper pretty much helped me get through the cold of my ski trip!
I am also a sucker for  the Union jack so its no wonder I like it so much . 

I am actually in Marrakech , Morocco as we speak , which is incredible ! 
I love it here all the colours  lights , food and smells are amazing and can't quit believe I am in Africa !! 

She Inside are also offering my readers  20% off by entering coupon code:Autilia20 at checkout. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

She stole my karma , oh no

Beanie : H&M
Jesus saves I spend shirt : Unif 
Lilac skirt " Romwe
Bag : Bali 
Wedges : Singapore 
Triangle Necklace : LSD
Other necklaces : Gifts

It seems I've gone from one extreme to another . 
I've just returned  from an amazing ski holiday in Pila Italy,  to a beautiful Spring day in the UK.
As lovely as skiing is, I have to admit it is nice not to be wearing a huge ski jacket.
 I'll continue to wear the beanie though . 
However it may have to go in a few days when I'll be in Morocco, which I have been dreaming about for quite some time !   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Orange ya glad

Collared Top : Gallo by Thian
Skirt : Liverpool 
Bag : Thrifted 
Lita's : Free People
Glasses Topshop

I'm not great for bright colours , but I must admit I am quite fond of orange . 
I particularly love the cute little details on this collared top . 

I am going to keep this post very short and sweet because I have to get ready go out on the slopes again today . 
So far the trip to Italy has been lovely and the scenery breath taking !