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Broken Bells

Blouse : Romwe  Skirt : Princess Polly  Scarf : Moschino Bag : Vintage Wedges : Markets 
I think I still have some photo's saved from Australia however I thought it was about time I posted, from the UK .  These shots were taken just outside the stable where my Aunts Horse lives .  It's incredibly pretty there and so green from all the rain.  I think the red in this patterned shirt really compliments the scenery .  Hopefully put up some holiday pictures from Spain as well for something different ! 

Tiger Blood

Dress : Choies  Fringed Bag : Romwe  Shoes: Free People  Cuff's: Diva 
Nearly at the last of my photo's set in Australia.  I really like the edgy tiger print on this quite effeminate shaped dress .  I've had a thing for animal prints recently especially those from the cat family .  Well, I  hope everyone is ready for the weekend and has a good one .

Colour of the Trap

Dress: Romwe Shoes: Free People Socks: Topshop Bag and jacket: Thrifted
Sorry for the lack of blogging. Have been a very very busy girl in Spain .  I did have a few post saved up for my trip away but still no time to actually post them .  Any who hope you enjoy the colour of this post . 

Where is my mind ?

Top and Shorts : Motel Rocks Sunglasses and socks : Topshop  Shoes : Free People
I left for the UK Saturday for I don't even know how long .  Was hoping it would be summery and  I could possibly wear shorts like these .  But it's far to rainy for that, so they'll have to wait till I go to spain next week for a little trip .  I think the same will have to apply to the crop top as well !