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He Bites on the Neon

Jacket and Skirt : Romwe Top : High Heels Suicide Bracelet: Miss fluff Shoes : Zu  Necklace : Thrifted
I can't ever remember a time where I have worn neon .  I don't think I could wear copious amounts of it but I must admit I'm a fan of a little splash of it .  It looks quite striking contrasted against black as well. 

Tighten Up

Dress : Motel Rocks  Shoes : Free People  Black leather bracelet Bag and necklace: Thrifted
I've never really felt comfortable or been a huge fan of tight dresses .  However I love this one. I'm thinking that it's the eye catching print  that has distracted me from how fitted it is !   I was also in the mood to try something different and my sister convinced me I should have it .  It may have also helped that we share clothes and she secretly plans to wear it herself. Cheeky girl! 

Someone Purer

Sunglasses and top : Topshop Skirt : Romwe Cuffs earring and necklace : Diva  Shoes : Liverpool  Bag : vintage
Apologies for my lack of posts , the weather hasn't been my friend recently .  Well I like the rain but it's not very convenient for my blog.  I'm also certain that this brightly coloured skirt looks much better in the sun than it would in the rain . The colours in it are insane !  Any who I just hope the post was worth the wait .