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But we fell like rain, got lost into the sea

Head scarf : thrifted Shirt: Ragged Priest from Topshop Leather shorts: Gone Retro Stony Stratford Jeffery boots: Solestruck
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas !  I know I did!  Thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the family and escaping from London for a week or so .  Cannot believe there are less than two days left of this year. I still do not have the faintest idea what I'll be wearing for New Years, but I'll cross that hurdle when I need too .  I doubt I'll blog again before 2013 so I hope everyone has a splendid time celebrating. Happy New Year !  XX

On Melancholy Hill

Dress: Motel Rocks Jacket: Romwe Jewellery: gifted or markets
Its been way to long I know, but as much as I've wanted to blog I just haven't had the time or energy too. Hopefully now with the buzz of Christmas settling down and my dreadful cold disappearing I'll finally get into a routine of blogging again. 
In the mean time I also have instagram.  You can follow me here if you wish. 
On a more dress related note I'm currently coventing anything that resembles lacy lingerie. This dress from Motel hits the nail on the head. 
Apollogies for the absence again xx

Changing the Rain

Dress: Glamorous Coat: markets Shoes: Free People
This is my favourite shade of blue, when ever I wear it I think of Alice in Wonderland.  I also adore the dropped hemline and pleats on the skirt of this dress, the way it falls is quite special, yes? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's glad it's finally Friday.  Can't wait for the weekend to get started already, hope it's a good one for every-one ! Much love xx

The Passenger

Romwe: Jacket Dress: Motel Rocks Shoes: Free People Hat: Sportsgirl
Hey all, I've still been so busy but trying to fit in some more blogging.
I really love the print on this Motel Rocks dress and with the weather getting dramatically cooler by the day in London this jacket has been so so handy.
Can't believe it's Wednesday already, I have quite literally lost a day this week.
Oh dear !

Stories we could tell

Dress: Love Spiked headband: Romwe Bag: Dangerfeild Shoes: Free People
Apologies for the hiatus, I've not had much time to think never mind blog.  Hopefully this will be the start of myself getting back into the swing of blogging again.  England has had plenty of rain this summer and you can see the effects of it with all the lovely greenery in my surroundings.  Hope you appreciate my return and enjoy the post.

I'm Good, I'm Gone

Black Dress : Romwe Bag: Romwe Wedges: Betts Necklace and Cuffs : Diva Tights: Borrowed
Black and gold is still my favourite colour combination, even though black technically is not a colour .
I've just returned, home from a few beautiful days by the sea side in a little English town called Bridlington .
It's always a strange feeling having to leave a place and time that was so lovely and mind you looking at these photos from Australia isn't helping .
Ah well, I'm sure exciting things to come will help relieve me of this !
Hope everyone has/ is having a lovely weekend . 

Broken Bells

Blouse : Romwe  Skirt : Princess Polly  Scarf : Moschino Bag : Vintage Wedges : Markets 
I think I still have some photo's saved from Australia however I thought it was about time I posted, from the UK .  These shots were taken just outside the stable where my Aunts Horse lives .  It's incredibly pretty there and so green from all the rain.  I think the red in this patterned shirt really compliments the scenery .  Hopefully put up some holiday pictures from Spain as well for something different ! 

Tiger Blood

Dress : Choies  Fringed Bag : Romwe  Shoes: Free People  Cuff's: Diva 
Nearly at the last of my photo's set in Australia.  I really like the edgy tiger print on this quite effeminate shaped dress .  I've had a thing for animal prints recently especially those from the cat family .  Well, I  hope everyone is ready for the weekend and has a good one .

Colour of the Trap

Dress: Romwe Shoes: Free People Socks: Topshop Bag and jacket: Thrifted
Sorry for the lack of blogging. Have been a very very busy girl in Spain .  I did have a few post saved up for my trip away but still no time to actually post them .  Any who hope you enjoy the colour of this post . 

Where is my mind ?

Top and Shorts : Motel Rocks Sunglasses and socks : Topshop  Shoes : Free People
I left for the UK Saturday for I don't even know how long .  Was hoping it would be summery and  I could possibly wear shorts like these .  But it's far to rainy for that, so they'll have to wait till I go to spain next week for a little trip .  I think the same will have to apply to the crop top as well !