Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Girl Inform Me

 Sunglasses : Urban Outfitters 
Ghost story tank ( gifted) : Material Attention 
Collared dress: Singapore Markets
Bird cage necklace : Diva 
Coca Cola chain ( gifted) : Chainless brain
Socks : Topshop 
Shoes : Rubi 

I feel my life is currently dominated by doing uni work listening to the Shins so I thought one of their lyrics was relevant for the post title . 
Any who I felt in a very 'girly' mood when I put this outfit together however a completely pink dress was a little to much for me so this tank was a perfect way to break it up ( thank you material attention ! ). 
 I  also was sent this cute coca cola chain which I actually chose for my sister because she is an avid coke fan and literally drinks gallons of the stuff!
It was also a great way to say thank you to her for being a darling and taking my photo's for me.

Hope you enjoy the outfit x

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last but not least

 I think I could go on the awkward lean with this picture . 

All clothing : Bardot 
Socks : topshop 
Shoes : rubi 
Belt : thrifted 
Rings : diva 

This is the final look I put together for the Bardot blog off. 
We had to style their strapless pleated black dress which I usually wouldn't go for but it's fun trying something a bit different.
I was really happy when I found this shirt because I am enjoying revealing a bit of shoulder and can say it's easily becoming one of my favourite past times.
If you can I would love if you will vote for me one last time ! 
Thanks for all your support  and most of all I hope you enjoy the look ! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ooh La


Shirt, Jumper and Shorts : Bardot
Socks : Target 
Shoes : Rubi 

This is the second last look for the Bardot Blog Off. 
I am so looking forward to wearing jumpers that I think I got a bit ahead of myself when I styled this outfit ! 
I am predicting big baggy jumpers such as this one will become a regular go to, this winter . 
I bet they were for those who are going into summer . 

Hope you all dig the look. 
You can vote for it here if you like and thank you if you do ! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

And it's all gold

Kimono : American Gold via Spanish Moss
Hat and rings : Sportsgirl
Collared top : topshop
Shorts: One teaspoon
necklaces  : markets 
Wedges : Trendy zone

This Kimono was one of many items that I had put on by birthday wish list ages ago. 
I knew I couldn't have everything but I  definitely  hoped that this gorgeous item of clothing would be mine. 
I  almost squeezed my sister to death when I opened the package with the lovely fringed and floral jacket inside of it. 
Although it feels like forever since I received this lovely gift I can honestly say that my love for it has not faded one bit.
Pretty sure I have one of the best sister's in the world as well!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Short and Sweet

Blazer : Bardot
Shirt worn over dress : Both Bardot 
Thigh highs : Myer
Wedges: Trendy Zone
Jewellery : gifts 

For the second look in the Bardot Blog Off we were asked to create a look with this Blazer.
I was much more comfortable styling up a blazer than the jeans were were given last week . 
I wanted a skirt with a bit of volume so I opted for a black dress with a shirt thrown over the top to create this vision in my head. 
I was pretty pleased with it  and please vote for me here if you can ! 

Also a special thank you to Thomas for taking the photo's for me . 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cheap Thrills

Hat : Topshop
Slip: Thrifted 
Kimono : Thrifted
Shoes : Zu
Necklaces : Glebe Markets

Shopping is great when you find something that you like but it's even better when it's cheap ! 
I found this 'kimono' in a charity store, instantly falling in love with the baby pink chiffon and velvet florals. 
It was then made even better when I found out it was only $2 !
It also doubles up as a great dressing gown, so it gets plenty of use . 

Also thank you to those of you who have voted for me in the 
I will be revealing outfit 2 very soon and would love if you'd all vote again, thats if you like it of coarse !  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bardot Blog Off

Camisole tunic, blouse and Jeans : Bardot 
Shoes Jeffery Campbell
Chains: Diva
Bow and Broach: Lovisa

Today is the launch of Bardot's very first Blog Off Competition, 
which myself and 3 other incredible Australian bloggers (K is for Kani, Le Flaash and Oracle Fox) were asked to compete in . 

The competition entails us being sent one garment  every week for 4 weeks, 
which we are to style with our own choice of Bardot clothing and our own or Bardot's accessories. 
This week's item was black jeans/ jeggings which was a huge challenge for someone who hardly ever wear them ! 

Firstly I hope you like the outfit and 
You can vote if you like through this link .

You can vote once everyday and I would be ever so thankful if you did ! 
I know it's a long shot considering my competition but I am really so flattered to be compared to such wonderful and inspirational bloggers !