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I just want to be one true thing that don't fade.

Blouse : Petticoat Lane Hat and trousers: Romwe Boots: Jeffery Campbell
Bag : Dangerfeild
Triangle tooth necklace : LSD

I literally cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by
It's weird how time feels as though it goes quicker as you get get older.
I was in shock the other day when I realised, it's less than a month till christmas.
I'm really looking forward to christmas this year, not exactly sure why , but I have a good feeling about it .
Lets hope my feelings are right.

Baby Says

Bowler hat : Romwe Tiger top: markets Glasses : the cobra snake  Fur Coat : Vintage Shoes Free people
My aunty said I look like baby in this outfit? Therefore  named the post after a song  by The Kills which I really love at the moment . 
Currently I have been wearing a printed tee  thrown over tights a lot lately .
It's basically the easiest outfit ever.  I also found this vintage fur jacket the other week which keeps me so warm .  I know it's fur which a lot of people don't agree with .  What I can say though is that I dont wear fur unless it's vintage and definitely not an endangered species.  Apparently fur is also better for the environment because it doesn't require so many chemicals. 
Anyway I hope I haven't offended to many people and that you can enjoy the post .  

So Cute

Such a beautiful illustration the lovely Chloe made of me !

Oh Alter Ego

Montage boots: Free People Faux fur coat : Romwe Shorts and beanie: primark Blouse: Petticoat lane markets Necklace and ring: L.S.D Jewelry
It can be so easy to forget how beautiful the world is, especially when confronted with the not so pretty.  I love how a walk outside with my ipod in hand, instantly reminds of how incredibly beautiful the world is.  England has been especially good to me at letting me know this .  Nature here is amazing . 
On a more fashion conscious train of though the necklace I'm wearing in this outfit is so strange and interesting. It has the shape of a tooth inside the triangle. I actually cannot stop wearing it at the moment .  I've also found it hard to take off this coat as well, with the weather quickly getting cooler . 

Three Floor

Three Floor Last friday I had the pleasure of viewing this gorgeous collection!  I can honestly say the designs are even better in person and it's so refreshing to view new talent .  You can view more  here
I must also apologize for my lack of blogging recently. It won't be for long though I promise ! 

A Change of Scenery

My Pet Square lace pants : Pixie Market Belt : thrifted Wedges: Trendy Zone SG Top : Gifted  Bag : Bali 
These photo's were taken a while back whilst I was visiting my parents up in Karratha in April  I didn't like the photo's at the time but they appear to have grown on me .  Maybe it's because I am missing home especially my friends and family.  I wish I could teleport them all here in the UK !