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Stars, Stripes and Bangs

American top : Angel Biba Accessories : Glebe markets Shorts : One teaspoon Socks: American Apparel Wedges: Far East Plaza
I am not sure where my attraction for clothing with the American flag has stemmed from  .  I can't say it's because I like the country because I have never been there, however I can't wait to travel there !  I love the Union jack as well but I was originally born in the UK, which gives me more reason to enjoy wearing it . 
I'm sure I am not the only one with this relationship with flags ?
P.s Yes I am wearing the shirt inside out but I like it better that way . 

Riders On a Storm

Head Dress: DIY Mesh cape top: Topshop Necklaces: Glebe Markets Shorts, wedges & braclet:Far East Plaza SG
The last photo's were due to a malfunction in my camera settings but I thought I would include them as they are quite interesting . 
Right now I am on blue alert which means that we are to prepare for a possible cyclone. It also means that the usual rugged landscape has been glazed with a hazy light making it look quite dreamy. When I look at these photo's it appears my setting has seeped into my unconscious and dictated the way I dress.
I named the post after the Doors song 'Riders on a Storm' because it was the first thing which came to mind when I think of dreams and stormy weather.   This isn't such a bad thing and has inspired me to have a little Doors marathon. 
It seems Australia has been proned to crazy weather recently with Queensland being the worst hit of the lot. The lovely Emma fashion editor of Xpress magazine, stylist and blogger has donated a stylin…

Mirror Mirror

Hat : Sportsgirl Top: American Apparel Bow tie: DIY Leggings: Wholesale-Dress Vintage Bag : Glebe Markets Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
If your wondering why the first picture is mirrored I do have an explanation.  I was inspired by a lookbook for Lindsey Thornburg's fall collection which was quite some time ago now but the clothing and concept of the shoot quite exceptional.  The majority of the shots were then taken on the ground as it was easier to show the cut out detailing of the leggings .  I am really digging this wine colour at the moment I might have to dedicate a section to it in my wardrobe soon.
Also if your looking for an amusing read on which explains the awful outfit decisions you had in the past then you'll appreciate this . From 90210, Party of 5, Sabrina the Teenage Witch to The OC, the article is absolute gold and explains it all. 
Here are some of the photo's from the Lindsey …

Closet Confusion

Vintage dress: Glebe Markets Bow: Lovisa Thigh Highs : Myer Wedges: Far east plaza Chains and headband: Diva Hat: Sportgirl Bag: Dangerfield Belt: Thrifted

When I saw this dress and my white velvet bow I thought they were a match made in heaven.  However the more I thought/ looked at it I became less impressed with the combo.  It's very sweet and all but also very obvious at the same time.  So I then paired the dress with a some thigh high's, thick chains and various black accessories to create a more interesting combination. 
I'm still confused as to which look I prefer however I think I am swaying towards look with the thigh highs.
Interesting to know your thoughts ?

Air that I breathe

Firstly I apologize for the lack of "crediting" in the next post.  I have a tendency to collect images and then stumble upon them weeks or months later and entirely forget where I have found them . Any who these next few images and some of my favourite sources of current inspiration .
Also here is a link for an interview  I did for "the wake up call" on Tumblr

Topshop this is why I love you ! The styling and clothing of the snake valley collection is incredible. Makes me want a  Black Whipstitch Flat Floppy Hat and Feather fringed crop top asap ! 
Before I go... A sneak peak at my next post 

Faux Pas ?

Hat : Sportsgirl Feather band and cross: Glebe markets Crochet top: Far east plaza singapore Shorts: One teaspoon Bag: K-mart Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Hindu bracelet and rings : India Vintage Fur coat: Thrifted
I am not entirely sure where I stand on the subject of fur.  Here I am wearing a real fox and suede fur jacket but.... it is vintage . Do I necessarily believe that vintage fur is more ethically correct than fur produced today? Not really . However I am more concerned with the state of the animal being worn.  I mean I don't mind wearing a fox because technically they are pest's but I am not sure what I would do if I was faced with wearing a polar bear.  There is no denying that it would look amazing but I am not sure it's worth it ?
On a less controversial topic it seems my Hindu bracelet isn't the only thing I brought back from India I seem to have returned with an addiction to chai tea although the way I make it isn't half as good!