Friday, October 29, 2010

Dream Catcher

Before I condemn myself to solitary confinement due to the massive pile of university work I have to get through I thought I should share two of my current loves. 

These being crochet and lace, especially in plain or organic colour schemes.  
When I look at such items, I can see the artistry that went into creating such beautiful fabrics, I have no idea how they are created but this only amazes me even more. 

I also adore my dream-catcher necklace I am wearing below which I have my mum and sister to thank for. 

 Dress- Dotti
Hat & Dream-catcher- Sportsgirl
Crystal - Subiaco markets
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Jeffery Campbell
Rings- Diva and Lovisa

This vintage crochet jacket I have had for donkeys now but I have a feeling it's colour will never grow old.

I am still uncertain as to which hat I prefer with this outfit ?

Hats - (fedora- topshop floppy -sportgirl)
Velvet top- thrifted
Skirt- Ally
Crochet jacket- thrifted
Shoes- Zu
Bag - thrifted
Bracelet and ring - Sportsgirl
Snake and square ring- Diva
turquoise ring- Lovisa
Necklace - Diva

Lastly I wanted to show these images which I found fromcookies blog

They are absolutely beautiful . 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Face Lift

I  literally cannot  stay the same . 
I am constantly changing my mind.
I can never sit still . 
I have the dress sense of a chameleon and god help you if you ever go out to dinner with me because picking one dish could be Mission Impossible IV in the making . 

So it's no surprise to myself that I have given my blog a bit of a face lift which I hope you approve !

This sheer top in my next look has been  a very good investment . Not only do I love the sheer and  shiny fabric, but it's great underneath clothing as well as by itself with something underneath of coarse !
Apologies for the strange eyes the sun was quite painful that day !

I have have a habit of mixing fabrics in this ensemble I have mixed denim, velvet, silk and cotton which I feel has given the outfit a nice texture.

Race Wear Idea's
I have noticed a lot of sugar coated outfits for the races in various publications, which quite frankly isn't for everyone .
So I thought that I would put forward a few alternative outfits for the races.

I particularly like the first idea of dressing to the theme of a jockey for a different spin on race wear attire.

 featuring round sunglasses
Loose Fit Cardigan, $38


 featuring topshop dresses
Dresses - Clothing - Topshop USA, 95 GBP


 featuring a wool hat
Opening Ceremony / Battenburg Lace Crop Top, $345


 featuring suede boots
Jones + Jones Tessa Dress | Jones + Jones All Dresses @ USC, 60 GBP

I also wish I could chop the sleeves off both these incredible dresses to suit the lovely warm weather !


Friday, October 22, 2010

Peace, Love and Layers

If you haven't already noticed I am slightly obsessed with layering.  
It amazes me how ordinary clothes can come to life when layered with others .

I  love how it gives me the chance to personalize clothing and make something my own which I feel is crucial in a world where clothing is often mass produced.

Headband and necklace - Diva
Dress- Lily Whyt
Lace top- Thrifted
Rings -Diva and Lovisa
Floral Socks- Sportsgirl
Jeffery Campbell Platforms- Nastygal

 The was another one of my looks for the sportgirl superstylist competition which you can still vote for if you have not already

Next I wanted to express my love for Zoe Deluge from Grand Left Thrift. She constantly churns out the most amazing looks and has been one of my favourite bloggers for quite some time . 

Here are just a few of her amazing photo's . 

 I really wish I was technologically savvy enough to upload this video but alas I am not . 
So you MUST click on the link below to view a  very exciting sneak peak of Kate Moss's next collection for Topshop
Not only do the clothes look beautiful but so does the video ! 
Looks like I am in for one very expensive Christmas uh oh ! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Stylist

I recently entered the Sportsgirl Super Stylist competition and was announced as one of the finalist for this week . 

To make it to the final 5 you can help me by voting through the following link! 
By clicking on the link you will also get to see some of my up and coming look ! 

Here is one of them. 
It is perhaps my favourite look of all five .

Lastly I had toinclude this editorial for Play Me Jeans .

It makes me wanna wear stripper heals and roll around hay in crochet !  A thought I never saw coming thats for sure ! 

PlayMe Jeans

Styled by Christine & Eric
Photograhed by Jason Lee Parry

Just a reminder to please vote for me ! 
Any comments would be loveley to ! 

You have to join the Sportgirl website but trust me that is a good thing Sportgirl is awesome !