Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bottoms Up !

I recently stumbled upon a great magazine called An Other Magazine . It has some truly inspirational editorials in it my favorite in their 18th issue was by photographer Willy Vanderprerre and stylist Panos Yiapanis. The Silhouette's are so beautiful and the combination of lighting , photography and amazing clothes is so hypnotic.

I particularly love the stylist's celver use of layering anddddddddddddddd

her amazing studded leggings which give the model a huge behind which I'd gladly have any day in those fantastic pants !

I am also obsessed with Gievinchy !  The over use of the geometric pattern is genius, many would say its to much but hey the colour has been cut out right ?

I also bought a leopard print fluffy hat for the winter which keeps my ears very cosy ! I purchased it from Dangerfeild and i love it to bits , I am wearing it below with my Bob Dylan tee (Wanneroo markets), denim shorts ( Chic and chic) , patterned stockings( woolworths), tartan scarf( Myer), fur caot ( Northbridge burlesque lounge flea market )and biker boots ( Zu).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of the Loop

So I haven't blogged for what feels like years when in reality it's only been a week and a bit . Since then I have been staying at my uncles for a bit which meant lack of internet . Since then I have managed to spend away in the winter sales and read a really good book called Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keys .

I absolutely love Marian Keys any way , she has such a way with words and a point of view I find I can totally relate to . I adore her sense of humor to and with her Irish lingo it's so cool, I caught myself describing someone as an eejit the other day , which my sister had caught me saying and gave me a " Autilia your not bloody Irish you know " The book was fab however it still doesn't beat her 'Sushi for beginners.

I have another girl crush , and no I am not a lesbian ! but who in their right mind wouldn't think that Vanessa Paradis who is Johnny Depp's girlfriend is absolutely stunning ? She has the bes regrowth i have ever seen, and those cat eyes  are so alluring.

Chloe's A/W 10-11 line is incredible , the monochromatic camel colour scheme , splashes of navy and rich knit wear are flawless. If I could afford it I would wear it everyday this Winter  !

In my favorite past time which is reading magazines I have discovered some great Australia finds !

which are :

Something Else-

Oh and Finders Keepers-

anddd some gorgeous Jewelry by three jewels

My younger sister also turned 19 the other week , so myself and a few of her friends celebrated with some wine and out favorite Vietnamese at Viet Hoa in Northbridge . Heres a few snaps