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I'm Tired of Waiting

I put it to you that majority of Australian’s would use the weather to legitimize their excuse for being a season or so behind Europe. But I feel as though with the power of the internet this defence is well and truly dead.
Viewing the collections from the New York, London and Paris fashion weeks, I am inspired to start wearing the forecasted trends sooner rather than later, especially the real 70’s vibe I have caught onto. I am also in total awe of Topshops present collections dark nouveau, the outsiders, rough diamond and into the wild.

Although I love the current pastel palettes, floral fabrics, wooden platforms and clogs in store for spring I don’t believe that we should limited ourselves to these few trends. There is plenty in stores when we take a conscious effort to look for items, which can help us adapt winter trends in Europe with our own summer twist.

Large satchels,  quirky tights, lace pants, fedora hats, countryside attire, rucksacks, plaids, , sheer fabrics, sparkles, juxt…

Take 2

First up here are the latest photo's to go onto the Pigeonhole Vintage webstore !
I really enjoy putting the outfits together for these shoots and it also helps that there are so many incredible items coming in every week !

Love this Satin blue dress , definitely my favourite of this series !
Any-one agree or beg to differ ?

As promised here are my last 3 favourites from New York Fashion week , and yes it's a bit late but better late than never !
The first two are new to me again but I guess I love them because there quirky and experimental. I really love designers who push the boundaries and experiment with different fabric, patterns, colours and/or styles .
I know it has been said that everything is recycled now a days but even if this is true it doesn't mean it has to be boring !

Yoanna has an obvious vintage influence but she makes it modern playing with hemlines, seasonal colours and a personal favourite , socks and sandals !
Next is
Odd Molly

Odd Molly is well yes quit…

A Girl Can Dream

Early last week I received a Media Release to apply for the Westfield Insider.
The competition prize is a 100K fixed year contract to shop and tell, which would be awesome.
When I looked at the website it's video said "can you create an on trend outfit for $100?"
This is quite a challenge but here is my attempt :

I managed 3 for 1 and went $1.05 over but I thought it was still a pretty good effort
Wish me Luck ! If I get into the finals I might need some votes for you all xx

New Yorks a Go Go

As I have previously mentioned I am interning at Pigeonhole!
Recently I have been putting together outfits  for the Web- store with the lovely photographer Thomas Townsend .
Here are a few of my favourites so far.

If you's like to see more visit the web-store or Facebook page
New York Fashion Week Favourites Part 1
After a week where I was beginning to think time did not exist ,due to the lack of it,
I have finally managed to explore photo's from New York Fashion Week.

There were so many pretty dresses, especially in nudes, pastels and chiffon.
I also adored the collars ,organza and white on white pieces which were prominent amongst the collections and what I forecast to become major trends in the upcoming future ( I put my money on it).
Despite the fact I adore all of these trends I can't go past what stands outand lucky for me 3 of my 6 most loved designers this year are completely new to me !
For now here are 2 of the 6 designers I am going to feature:

My absolute favourite w…

Pretty as a Picture

When your down and need a quick pick me up .
This did it for me .
For the first time in my life I want ACNE
but this kind please.

Member of the  Stolen Girlfriends Club ?

Some Christopher Cane for you brain !

Oh Alida !

The definition of perfection :Long legs and Mui Mui

a little bit of Josephine ( Oyster magazine)

and I wanna ruffle these feathers !

Latly my own shots wearing my Beatles jumper .