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Sprung with Spring

The end of winter has come all of a sudden and it's seems that we have been sprung with spring .
Still pursuing my love of pants  in the next shots I teamed up my peachy smokers pant with my favourite lace top and floppy hat . The super high heals also make me look quite tall which is always + + + in my book!

Not only is the weather getting better but so are the magazines .
I felt for a while now,I have gone into the newsagents to quickly scoop onlyhalf pleased.
However now the September issues have hit the shelf I am suddenly spoilt for choice, mapping out on my calender when to buy what magazine next .
I cannot wait to share all of my favorite editorials .
This one isn't from a September issue of Elle, but is to lovely to leave out of my blog especially with springspiration on my mind  .

Part of the reason I love it so much is due to the simplicity of the scenery which highlights just how beautiful and clever the styling is . The soft layering with the unexpected bursts of reds an…

Turn and Face the Strange

What I love about fashion at the moment is that you don't necessarily have to be 'on trend' to be 'in fashion'.
I know I certainly don't speak for everyone but I find the more different and unique the look the more I like it. Unless it's totally ridiculous and clearly lacks taste then sure chances are I will hate it .
Yvan Rodic the Face Hunter describes this phenomenon perfectly in the introduction to his book which I highly recommend!
He refers to culture today as a 'creole-ization' where people from all over the world through the power of the internet are customizing there identities with inspiration from all over the world!
It's cool to see an  'International cocktail' of style where people are striving to express individualism and creativity in  an attempt to stand out rather than blend in.
If only it was possible to be so off trend that we were wearing winter clothes in summer like in the Editorial 'The big Chill' as seen in El…

The Winter's Sun

Recently we have had some lovely weather, the winter nip is still in the air but  lucky for us the sun has been out to play . I probably enjoy this weather as I love to rug up but enjoy basking in the sun which is probably my inner reptile coming out of me .
I am always accused of being cold blooded as I get so cold, and to be honest I have always had affinity with snakes so maybe I was a snake or some form of reptile in my past life ?

Any who other than the spray of sun on my skin what I also love about this weather is that it inspires me to wear a sun driven and earthy colour pallet.

Burnt oranges, mustards, browns, maroons , burgundy and  dirty creams, sounds like weird mix of foods but are in fact a few of my favourite colours to wear in the winter's sun.

Below was an editorial from a French issue of Elle magazine which portrays a few stereotypes which are fairly prominent in fashion at the moment.
Most people hate being categorized as a certain stereotype which I understand and ca…

An Entire Life Time

I have recently disowned a good habit which was keeping up to date with regular blog posts and like most human beings I come with a whole bag full of excuses ! First of all I have resumed uni which means a lot of preparation has been devoted to that as well as the fact I have to try and churn out 15 completley different advertising concepts a week for just 1 unit !
I was also a mess trying to fit in some fabulous work experience with the fashion editor of X press magazine where I helped out a mens skating shoot and Marie Antoinette themed womens shoot .
Oh and before I explain another excuse I should probably inform you that I started an internship at the wonderful Pigeonhole  mainly helping out with it's brand new Vintage store ! Any who As well as all the other stuff I was doing I probably experienced the most stressful week of my internship helping prepare for the Vintage store opening which was on Saturday August 7 !
Despite the caos it was a really rewarding we…