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Some people beg to differ but personally I never get tired of wearing black. I don't understand how people can go on and on about how wearing black makes them depressed or bored  or conjour up  all sorts of dark dank and dreary thoughts  . Tell me how can black be depressing? when it's obviously the most flattering shade / "non-colour" .  How can it be boring ? when you can play with shades and contrasting colours for instance how sexy is all black with a red lip ? I  also happen happen to love the mystery which lingers around women in black ! In fact
Black makes me happy.

Top: Bettina Liano
Skirt: Sportgirl
Belt: thrifted
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Betts
Bow : Diva
Majority of the items in the spread below are from topshop and are BLACK !
Want want want !
Also how cool are these Jeremy scott mickey mouse ( Linda - Farrow) inspired sunnies !
arhhh I want them so bad but will most probably have to resort to the cheaper alternative on

and I want these from modclo…

Strokes Me Again !

Here are some photo's of my latest vintage treasure. I absolutely love how sweet this dress is and whats sweeter is it only cost $2
ding ! ding ! ding!

Yesterday was the On the Bright Side Festival which was a good day for many with good music, no rain ( horah ! ) and plenty of eye candy and I am not just talking about the gorgeous lads on stage . Of coarse the music is a big benefit of music festivals but I cannot deny the  fact that my eyes are constantly flittering from one place to the other looking at the fashion hit's and misses, the strange behavior which tends to occur and the security guards trying to contain the crowd surfers, fence jumpers and general Riff Raff .

First things first the music. Of the acts I enjoyed, British electric pop group Hot Chip I only wished their set was a bit longer . Many people may not have been aware but they had a side show of little underagers doing the "shuffle" in their crowd which was also highly entertaining. I also to my sur…

Pastel Desert

Currently spending my last few days in the Pilbara sun , and even though there is not a whole lot to do here except sun bake like a lizard and aimlessly meander about town I can honestly say  I am not looking forward to venturing  back to Perth's record making cold weather . However I am attending the On the Bright Side music festival on Saturday and cannot wait to see the Strokes ! It's good to know that even though Perth doesn't have  Speldour in the grass that we  may still  enjoy some of the incredible talent trekking all the way to Oz for it  , which means I will also finally get to see Black rebel Motorcycle club hallelujah!
Desert snaps from the back garden ...

Looking through my blog I was quite surprised that I havent shared my love for the photographer Tim Walker. I fell in love with his surrealist inspired and dreamlike photography when I bough my very first Vogue .

Some of the most beautiful imagery I have ever witnessed .

Also a big thank you to  the Mod cloth Blo…


For the first time in my many visit's to this arid country town( Karratha) , I have actually been shown some of the beauty this town has to offer . The other day my sister and I took my brother and his little friend to a place called millstream which is a completely isolated stream with some beautiful Australian flora and fauna located in the middle of the dessert .
Absolutely breath taking scenery.

Also gimmi gimmi new topshop AW 10 !

Chunky knits , fluid lace, subtle sparkles,a sheep skin cape, hints of leopard print and magnificent shoes. So delightful , only wish that winter was just starting now here in Aus , maybe I can wear it in the air con ?