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As Promised here are a few snaps of myself and my new love the striped shorts i purchased at the freo retro markets.
I absolutley adore them as well as the hexagon bag Claire gave me sooooo cute !

I have a love hate relationship with this time of year . On the one hand the semester is nearly over which means i will be free for a while and classes are generally shorter horrahhhhh ! BUT on the other hand i have a mega load of work to do which means i am left inspirationless due to the a horrible work load , which gives me no time to look at pretty thing i want to look at grrrrr..
Oh well such is life !
Today we had a yard sale at our college and we manage to raise over 200 mollar for caritas which was great considering we were selling everything for dirt cheap prices averaging at about $2 a pop !
Here are some photo's from the event


A few ridiculous outfits me and yvette tried to pull off .

Shake your Hips like Battleships

How fantastic is that lyric by the Dead Weather ? I am totally in love with there new album Sea of Cowards, it is the best remedy for a pissed of angsty mood which at this point is extremely prevalent due to end of semester stress!. So  the songI "Hustle and Cuss" is particularly useful.

In my procrastination it allowed me to pursue these images . I am wearing a top which i recently purchased at Sundays  Vintage Vixens and Vamps at the Fremantle Town Hall.

I absolutely love the chiffon cut outs ! I also purchased some wicked cute striped shorts which i will preview in my next post .

I think this would have to be my favourite look so far
Last night I attended the International Formal Dinner which is an annual event held by the College I live in . The theme was Africa "where the food is scarce and the people are thin " ( quote from Jermaine of Heroes ) .  It was a delightful night it which i wore possibly the loudest colour ever created . The dress is by a brand named …

Head to Toe

So if i were to dress myself this very instant i would be wearing :
a hat by Michel Maison
He makes the most gorgeous head wear and may I also add some delicious illustrations !

For my body I can't decide on one .
So two labels which are both from Perth I might add that i would love to wear  Of Cabbages and Kings and The Carton a new label recently featured in the STM located in Carillion City.
awww so pretty !
Of Cabbages and Kings

The Carton
Fab fab fab!

I also cannot decide on one name for shoes. It was seriously hard narrowing it down to 20 never mind 2
but any who
I am absolutely obsessed with Tristan Blair and Jeffery Cambell!
Song which comes to mind when i see these shoe " Love Love Love " ( Beatles )
Oh Tristan


Froth !

and here are some of my latest looks !

ta ta

Old loves never die - Tame Impala

Back in the day, well over 2 years ago me and my  friend went to a bar and watched one of the most amazing bands we had ever seen amongst a crowd of about 15 people.

This band was Tame Impala, who are now MASSIVE!

They now have no trouble filling venues , have just been featured in a six page spread in Rolling stone , are touring America with MGMT and have just released their debut album Innerspeaker.

Inner Speaker is just beautiful to listen to. It’s so fluid and will be a great album for when I need to change my frame of mind.  Lucidity is my favourite track so far oh and Expectation .. actually they are all very lovely , I am definitely a fan of the Hypno- groove that’s for sure !

Listen to Innerspeaker from there Myspace

Thanks to Brit for telling me about these gems  !

Here are photo's of myself , brit, my sister daniella and bianca from that night 2 years ago !

On another note Vampire weekend were amazing last night and i was rather delighted by th…