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I rest my case !

Previously i mentioned my confusion with the taste of Melbourne street fashion , they have not yet redeemed themselves having taken another step towards the ridiculous.
I appreciate cutting edge fashion but this is MAD !
My apologizes to the girl in the photo but i just do not get it , maybe it's me being prudish but I think this type of style should go to mars .
Hmm now thats a thought i would actually love a garment inspired by the galaxy
someone please make me a dress based on this and i will love you forever
I love looking at the stars . Something about them is just so satisfying .
Alright now back to earth !
My current theory is that a cocktail a day will keep the greys away !
They are my new love and a place called My Place in Perth's city does some lovely ones for a cheap price .
Myself and  few friends went there Saturday night, downing two at a time they were that good ! The Mohito's were my personal favourite.
Here is my new lookbook post and outfit i wore that night

My f…

Ziggy Stardust

Its friday well almost saturday now and it's been an exhausting day !

Uni prep followed by 6 hrs straight of uni is awful.

Any who since my last post i had a hair cut , I had my colour fixed and added some bangs. I have had them before and get so bored of my hair so I am quite glad to see them back.

I took some photo's of my room as I think it's interesting to see how people live and what they surround themselves with.

In my room their is lots of imagery around the place because I love to surround myself with beauty because quite frankly who doesnt love beautiful things.

I know that I would much rather be surrounded with pretty than anything which can be included in the categories, stale, boring, dirty , ugly,  feral etc. However ugly pretty, strange and most things interesting/ unique do not come under these categories. They are more often than not quite nice to have lingering around the joint.

Also a big thank you to Street Muse featuring me on their …

No Dust Here

The Icelandic volcano may have erupted but the beauty of the world still shines through!

Across the road staring at me from outside my window is a little enchanting bushland . My sister and I ventured through it yesterday to take some photo's for my lookbook . They came out rather nice considering we didnt have a lot of time there . I just borght this floral dress from dotti and have been looking for something like it for quite some time. It has the baby doll cut i was after aswell a floral print so i was very fortunate to get a 2 in 1 deal hazzarrr!!!

p.s i am quite frequently saying haazzarrr when i have achieved something / quite happy about the result of something . Kind of like abra kadabra but the equivalent for what happens after the trick.

New Shoes mean Autumn highs

Yesterday I finally  picked up my gorgeous lace ups from zomp which i had on lay-by for close to a month . They were decently priced and have a little heal which I love in a shoe, as anything that makes my legs look longer but does not make me look like a foolish try hard is absolutely fabulous.

Oh new shoes how you make the world a better place for just a moment .

I posted a look on my look book called woodland nymph in which i am wearing them.

Here are a few photo's my sister took for me cant say they are the best, but in the space of 5 minutes there not terrible. Autilia Antonucci

Past time lovers

I have a few million icons from the past that i have the hots for.

but for the sake of keeping of keeping things short and sweet which our under the pump minds love i will name 5 of my favourites.

Audrey Hepburn - I have a soft spot for her because from the age of 8 i was convinced i was her ( helped by my mum's encouragement of coarse!) .There is no denying how unbelievably beautiful she is . Holly Golightly  inspiring many to think going nuts was fashionable !

Bridgette Bardot- Also known as the definition of sex kitten . When i look at myself sexy does not sring to mind but Bridget makes me wish i could as she epitomizes it !

Edie Sedgwick- Ever since i watched Factory Girl i quickly became obsessed. Her flamboyant character and 'darling' charm makes her easy to fall in love with and also they fact she was so gorgeous and well dressed! Oh and she also gets brownie points for being besties with one of the most influential artists ever Andy Warhol

Twiggy- If you love edie the…

Time for some good Weather preferably DEAD !

My friend Brittany and i after watching the dead weather officially have the biggest girl crushes on Alison Mosshart.

The whole band was freaking amazing , you couldn't help but move and feel  a sense of supremacy from the awsome awsome beats :) Mosshart was just mad though! The way she sang whilst bending her back like some sort of contortionist  and stare down the audience as if we were some sort of filth stuck in her shoe .

You never got annoyed with the way she made you feel like utter shit though because from watching how superb she was you felt she had every right to do so ! One thing  i reckon myself and the whole audience can agree on is that you wouldn't want to get on her bad side thats for sure !

Ohhh and Jack White was totally wonderful to and to my delight wasn't hidden on the drums all night!

The Dead Weather said they were touring during the northern hemispheres summer so if they are @ a music festival i would highly recommend seeing them !!!
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