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In love with the 'De Vil'

p.s there are heaps of fab pictures if u click to read more ! well worth it if u like fur and alexa !

and because Alexa Chung is a saucy minx !

Back to the drawing board


Happy new year ! I am joking but not really seen as i haven't wrote a blog for about a lifetime,  maybe X's that by three seen as the internet has it's own speedy lifespan!

Any who i was meant to start a blog with a friend which we were keen to make good . But seen as this hasn't happened yet i figure it probably never will and I shall stick to this one and attempt to create something fab !

I will keep it short and sweet because seriously long blogs can be such a drag so i'll attempt at having one topic per post .

The gallery above are images from my lookbook which i am trying to keep up with on a regular basis. Its fun to do although i do not feel like a great model so i feel a tad shy having to 'model' outfits but i should just stop being so self conscious and just do it !