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Sydney you are to big for my brain to comprehend...

As I was flying over at Syndey I was sure I was flying over some other part of the world.  I had know idea such a large city existed in Australia  a country I had always viewed as 'not quite finished yet.  Sydney is a ginormous mass of houses and buildings organised by the surrounding sea and rivers.  My family and I arrived just before 5 so we haven't done much but so far I love it. 
New Years The city isn't the only thing on my mind it's new years eve tomorrow and I still have no idea what I am doing .  However I am quite certain I will be wearing this amazing dress I bought in Singapore.  I love the mesh cut outs and think it works perfectly with all black accessories. 

Here are a few snaps from sydney so far , one thing all this travelling has made me realise is that I love big cities. 
 Me and Dad at dinner          Having Ice-cream by the Harbour
 General Meandering by the Darling Harbour. 
Thats it and I will see you all next year .  Keep safe and have fun !

Running Up that Hill

For many years now the holiday season hasn't felt like much of a holiday. However this year I can honestly say I have felt more relaxed than ever .  This is partly due to having my christmas shopping completed early and being with my family in Karratha ( a very small country town in the North West of Australia). 
Here is an outfit post taken up on a hill which is practically in my back garden which features a dress my sister gave me for Christmas .  For some reason the photo's remind me of a Kate Bush song I am quite fond of .
I am actually wearing this dress backwards because I love the button detailing so much. 

Head charm: Indian markets Singapore Dress: Wish Crystal Necklace: Markets Clutch: New Look Shoes: Singapore Markets
There is not much to do in this town so I have been doing a lot of reading, swimming and catching some rays which believe me there is plenty of. 
Another positive is that I have decent sized room and am not living out of a suit case which I happen to do quite fre…

Apples and Cinnamon

First of all  Merry Christmas! 
Here's an outfit post which reminds me of my favourite Christmas decorations made from dried apples and Cinnamon. 

I still cannot get away from feathers, it happens now without thinking . 

I really love the floral print on these dungaree's it's so vibrant and graphic.

Hat , blouse, dungaree's and socks: topshop Necklaces from the markets Clogs  :Trendyzone Singapore Bag :Forever New

My Aunty has decorations similar to these on her tree in the UK . 

They look and smell amazing ! 
I secretly love Christmas despite all the craziness it entails. 
This year is a guaranteed super hot Christmas in Karratha which does make it feel considerately less "christmassy" than in the UK . 
My favourite part it seeing my younger brothers face which instantly creates that festive feeling for me.
I hope the season treats you well ! 
Also enter my giveaway in the post below for a possible christmas bonus . 

Christmas Giveaway!

It's the season of giving so I thought it would be appropriate to have my first ever giveaway.  
I love the prizes and am terribly tempted to keep the myself. 
The prize includes a Crystal necklace I stumbled upon at a one off market stall.

An awesome armour ring donated by Fox House 
 and a Vintage inspired scarf. 

To be in the running you have to do any one of the following 
Follow by blog via google and or Bloglovin
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Suggest my blog to friends via a link.  
Inform myself via a comment or email as to what you have done and I will enter you into the draw. 
The more that you do the more times you enter.  Each suggestion will count as a separate entry so let me know how many friends you have suggested to.
Also if your already a follower let me know and I'll put you into the draw ! 
Hope to hear from you all soon I will announce te winner on the 27th just to make sure that christmas is over for everyone ! 


I wish I could say that I was inspired by my surroundings when putting this outfit together because you can hardly tell the difference between myself and my surroundings. 

I do love this skirt though and have developed extremely fond of early tones, particularly military green. 

I plan on making more feather head dresses and accessories for the summer, I'm not sure what it is but I can't seem to leave the house without at least one. 
I really enjoy the lf lookbook via fashionlane.  I think it's due to the quirky spirit and fun atmosphere of the shoot. 

I think I am not the only one who fells stressed out this time of year so it's nice to escape into the fantasy of shoot's like these every now and again ! 

After nearly a month of travelling I am finally home . 
I can't tell you how nice it is not to be living out of a suit case however it won't be long till I am off again. 
After christmas I will be heading off on a family trip to Sydney for 5 day's followed by …