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Some time alone alone

Sometimes you have to spend some time alone to find yourself again. I never really thought I'd lost myself until someone said to me, “you know what, you’ve got your sparkle back!” And then it suddenly clicked. To say there was never a period of withdrawals of company would be a lie. However, a lot of this was due to being in a city with no family and most of my support coming from the phone. Although, after some time (not too much, which was a surprise!) I became comfortable with my own company again. 
Eventually, I realised that despite spending more time than ever on my own, I was actually less lonely than I was in a relationship. It’s strange, but I sometimes think when you’re with someone you become terrified of being on your own and can give up some of ourselves because you want to appease the other. It's not to say this happens to everyone. 
Discovering books again has given me such a pleasure. Although I don’t have much free time being a teacher, nothing relaxes me mor…

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